How to get here

How to Get here to Laguna de Apoyo

How to Get here to Laguna de Apoyo...

By Car:

How to get here At the 37.5 km marker on the Granada-Masaya highway, turn right at the large red-and-white antenna. Follow the cobblestone road and follow all the hotel signs you find along the way until you start going down into the crater, continue downhill and turn left at the fork at the bottom . You will find us 200 meters down the road.

By Bus/Taxi:

How to get here From Managua, you can take the chicken bus heading to Granada and vice-versa. Ask the driver to stop at the entrance to Laguna de Apoyo (in Spanish: la entrada de Laguna de Apoyo o “el puentecito"). This leg of the journey should cost around 25 cordobas (just under $1). Next, you'll have to wait for a taxi to take you the rest of the way, since it's another 10km from the highway to the lagoon itself. You won't have to wait long as so many taxi drivers shuttle to and from the entrance all day. The average price per person is about 100 cordobas - don't pay more than 150 - and the driver will drop you off at the hotel.