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What to do Activities in Laguna de Apoyo?

At SelvAzul we offer an array of activities from kayaking, paddle-boarding and water-biking, to swimming, scuba diving or simply soaking up the sun on our floating island dock. For a real adventure we can take you up to the peak of nearby Volcano Masaya, where you can see lava bubbling away in the crater!



Scuba Diving

Experience the most amazing crater diving at this prehistorical location. Nowhere else in the world will have the opportunity to explore different sites that suit all interest and experience levels in a wide range of dive trips.

Enjoy the crystal clear fresh water in Laguna de Apoyo with visibility up to 100 ft. and spectacular drop-offs and underwater caves that will knock your fins off.

If you´ve never done it before, no problem, learn to dive today! At Hotel Selvazul we offer PADI scuba diving courses and certification.

Resort Course (introduction to scuba diving) US$ 60

Single Tank Dive US$ 40

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Volcano Tour

Have you ever wanted to peer into the gaping, lava-bubbling and bottomless vent of an active volcano? Well here is your chance! Nicaragua's Masaya Volcano National Park contains two volcanoes, one of which - dubbed La Boca del Infierno ('the mouth of hell') by the Spanish conquerors centuries ago - continuously emits sulfur gases and has erupted several time since records began.

The eruptions have contributed towards dramatic changes in the surroundings. Volcanic rock and ash cover many areas, yet there is still plenty of verdant forest which escaped damage, making for an interesting contrast. Many different types of vegetation have appeared as a result of the eruptions and the park is also rich in wildlife. Coyotes, skunks, raccoons, opossums, deer, iguanas, and monkeys all call Masaya National Park home.

We offer our guests the opportunity to see this spectacular sight up close, and there is no hiking involved!

Evening Tour: $30

Kayaking, Paddle-boarding

A lakeside hotel wouldn't be complete without its own supply of kayak boats, paddle boards . We keep kayaks, paddle boards , which guests are welcome to use whenever they'd like during the day.

You might want to just splash around near the beach or maybe you'd like to test your strength (and determination) and cross all the way to the other side of Laguna de Apoyo! In any case, all guests are required to wear life jackets before using equipment. Safety first.

Kayak Rental: $2 per 1/2hour

Paddle Board Rental: $2 per 1/2hour


guardabarranco nicaragua bird

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Nature Watching

Laguna de Apoyo is one of the world's premier bird-watching destinations and one of thee most bio-diverse locations in the country with over 95 bird species and 76 butterfly species recorded. We have designed our hikes and nature itineraries to encompass as many different habitats as possible.

We are passionate about bird-watching, conservation and sharing Nicaragua's rich and abundant wildlife with our guests!

Private Guided Tours (3 hours): $20


Want to stay just for the day? Want to escape the routine of the city and spend a beautiful day in Laguna Apoyo, to relax?

Hotel SelvAzul is the perfect place to be. Our day trip guests are invited to use all our facilities, public swimming pool, restaurant, bar and pizzeria from 09:00 until 18:00.

DAY FEES: ‎ $4  per person

free for children under 10 years


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